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Soleas Derived from the Latin term meaning 'shoe' or sandal'. It is also an online fashion shoe boutique that brings you the best in comfort and style.

Soleas has my favorite brand names like Merrell, Tommy Hilfiger, and Kenneth Cole. The shoes you'll find at Soleas complete your look and define your style. From casual to dressy, from bargain to exclusive, whichever style you choose will add spice to your step, and comfort your sole.

Etymology: Latin, from Latin solea, sandal, flatfish (for its shape); from solum, bottom of the foot. Want to know more about the souls behind your soles? Did not think so. Soleas was born out of a love for fashion and a need to bring designer footwear to others looking to expand their wardrobe at an affordable price.

Consider them your 24-hour fashion consultant. They keep in step with the most fashion-forward collections and maintain a strong customer focused philosophy.

With Soleas you get the function of a personal shopper from the convenience of your home.

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